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  • Gudermannian — noun A particular function …   Wiktionary

  • Gudermannian — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Gudermannian function — The Gudermannian function, named after Christoph Gudermann (1798 ndash; 1852), relates the circular and hyperbolic trigonometric functions without using complex numbers.It is defined by:egin{align}{ m{gd(x) =int 0^xfrac{dp}{cosh(p)} =arcsinleft( …   Wikipedia

  • Tangent half-angle formula — In various applications of trigonometry, it is useful to rewrite the trigonometric functions (such as sine and cosine) in terms of rational functions of a new variable t . These identities are known collectively as the tangent half angle formulae …   Wikipedia

  • Mercator projection — of the world between 82°S and 82°N. Mercator world …   Wikipedia

  • Christoph Gudermann — Born March 25, 1798(1798 03 25) Vienenburg, Germany Died September 25, 1852(1852 09 25 …   Wikipedia

  • List of trigonometric identities — Cosines and sines around the unit circle …   Wikipedia

  • List of mathematical functions — In mathematics, several functions or groups of functions are important enough to deserve their own names. This is a listing of pointers to those articles which explain these functions in more detail. There is a large theory of special functions… …   Wikipedia

  • Hyperbolic function — A ray through the origin intercepts the hyperbola in the point , where is twice the area between the ray and the …   Wikipedia

  • Rhumb line — In navigation, a rhumb line (or loxodrome) is a line crossing all meridians at the same angle, i.e. a path of constant bearing. Unlike a great circle route (for which bearing is not constant), following a rhumb line requires turning the vehicle… …   Wikipedia

  • List of trigonometry topics — This is a list of trigonometry topics, by Wikipedia page.*Angle *Angle excess *Brahmagupta interpolation formula *Chebyshev polynomials *Conway triangle notation *De Moivre s formula *Dirichlet kernel *Euler s formula *Exact trigonometric… …   Wikipedia

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